Want to save the planet? Give up junk food, booze, and coffee

Here’s some extra motivation to follow through with your 2022 New Year’s resolutions: Those unhealthy foods you want to give up are also helping to destroy the planet.

And that goes nearly double if you’re a man, as men’s food consumption contributes over 40 per cent more greenhouse gasses than women’s.

According to a new study from the University of Leeds in the UK, foods such as cakes, biscuits and lollies, alcoholic drinks and caffeinated products like tea and coffee account for over 23 per cent of all diet-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Foods like cakes and sweets have an outsized negative environmental impact

Foods like cakes and sweets have an outsized

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Taking the cake | Save The Rhino

Birthday celebrations are great. You get to be surrounded by your friends and family, and generally, there’s cake and presents. But they can be so much more. Many of our supporters use their birthday as an opportunity to help save rhinos.

In 2019, 9-year-old Isla from South Africa wrote all about why she has been asking for donations to Save the Rhino International instead of presents for her birthday since she turned six. To date she has raised £880 for rhino conservation.


Isla – Rhino Warrior, 9 years old

I remember the first rhino calf I ever saw. It was

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