Super Lemony Olive Oil Cake Recipe

The name gives it away, but it’s true: Mina Stone’s olive oil cake is super fragrant with lemon, extremely moist thanks to extra-virgin olive oil, and the interior is as yellow as the sun. This recipe comes (fittingly) from her new cookbook, Lemon, Love & Olive Oil, which revisits dishes throughout Stone’s life, especially ones she learned from her Greek grandmother. “The most important thing I’ve learned from the women in my family is to cook with love, abandon, and an absence of fear,” writes Stone. Traditionally, Greek olive oil cake uses orange juice and zest, but on a

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‘it’s all slow churned to give it that super smooth texture’

RICHMOND, Va- One of the only places in Richmond you’ll find slow churned Midwest style frozen custard, Jiji’s dessert truck hopes to make all of your sundae dreams come true.

Made fresh everyday, their vanilla custard serves as a sweet, smooth and decadent base to their many freshly baked toppings and drizzles.

Started by Kendall and Chase Appich in 2019, the husband and wife duo wanted to bring one of their favorite but hard to find desserts to the Richmond community.

“What makes our product unique is it has egg yolks, that gives it its rich smoothness. And then our

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