Healthy Vegan Food Swaps That Are Just As Tasty

Whether you’re transitioning to a plant-based diet, or just wanting to eat healthier, you’re probably already aware of the list of animal products that you can’t eat anymore. Luckily, these vegan food swaps not only mimic the same texture of animal products, but they are just, if not tastier than their counterparts! There are countless plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs out on the market, but truly capturing the exact texture and taste of animal-based foods is definitely a challenge. Thankfully, these vegan food companies have gone through years of trial and error to give you only the best

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Healthy food swaps for effective weight loss

Many people work extremely hard to lose weight. But in the process, they often forget that cutting out entire food groups can hamper the progress instead of aiding it. This is because rather than fully eliminating food groups, resorting to extreme dieting, or depriving oneself of favourite foods, the key lies in making some simple diet tweaks, and replacing high-calorie foods with low-calorie, healthy alternatives.

Throwing some light on such food swaps, nutritionist Lovneet Batra shared a post on Instagram.

According to her, instead of overhauling the entire diet to shed unwanted pounds, one should opt to “substitute healthier,

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Meg Unprocessed: Healthier dessert swaps

Avoiding highly processed sugars is one of the best things you can do for your health, but a lot of us have a sweet tooth.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Last week, I shared healthy swaps for snacks and I got so many requests to do healthy swaps for desserts, so that’s what I’m doing here.

Avoiding highly processed sugars, especially ones like high fructose corn syrup, is one of the best things you can do for your health. But, I know a lot of us have a sweet tooth, including myself!

Making desserts yourself is best because you know exactly what’s

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