Best Trader Joe’s Desserts Ranked From Worst To Best

Your sweet tooth will thank me.

As a loyal Trader Joe’s shopper and a devoted fan, I am more than a bit familiar with the products at my local TJ’s. And when it comes to sweets, not all products are created equal. Here are a bunch of popular Trader Joe’s desserts ranked so you know exactly what to skip and what to stock up on.


Turkish Fig Bites

Hannah Loewentheil

Despite the slightly sexier branding, you can’t disguise a Fig Newton.


Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

Hannah Loewentheil

You know exactly what

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Trader Joe’s Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Its New Vegan Frozen Dessert Cones

It’s National Ice Cream Month, and many Trader Joe’s shoppers are talking about these new vegan frozen dessert cones. As seen on the @TraderJoesObsessed Instagram account, people can’t get over the Hold the Dairy! mini cones. One big draw to this new treat is the serving size. Many people were flabbergasted that there are six mini cones in a single serving. With 12 cones per box, the serving size does leave some questions on the table, even though a box retails for $3.99. Still, this frozen dessert just might be the summer’s best find.

According to @TraderJoesAficado, the

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