Freed’s Bakery in Las Vegas creates world’s first NFT wedding cake | Local

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Freed’s Bakery has taken its creativity to a digital level with the production of the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) wedding cake.

The popular family-owned establishment of over 60 years has designed the NFT, which is a token that can be used to represent ownership of a unique item. It displays a handcrafted and digitized Freed’s Bakery spinning wedding cake gif. 

Freed’s Wedding Cake NFT. (Credit: Freed’s Bakery)

This NFT is being auctioned with bidding beginning at 0.1 ETH (approximately $370.06) and is available now through Friday, September 10.

The Freed’s Bakery two-tiered wedding cake, named

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REVIEW: The Bride Wedding Cake From the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store is a Bloody Good Treat at Universal Studios Florida

After tasting the also delightful Knife Trifle Cake from the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store, we decided to gather our courage and have another tasty encounter, this time with the Bride Wedding Cake.

Bride Wedding Cake – $10

And here comes the bride! While this cake has a very similar structure to the Knife Trifle, the frosting is different with more of a vanilla buttercream taste, while having the same delicious thick vanilla cake layers.


A sinister dripping of “blood” peeks out from beneath the decorative frosting.


The Bride’s “head” is a bitter-tasting dark chocolate, differentiating itself from the milk

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Couple speaks out after video game-themed wedding cake topper unexpectedly goes viral

Social media users branded a humorous wedding cake topper that highlighted a groom’s love for video games as offensive, but the couple behind the requested figurines say that’s not what they meant.

Perla Blanco and Gerardo Martinez got married in late July after four years of dating. Their special day, which was celebrated in Monterrey, Mexico, with close family and friends, went viral on TikTok when their guest Leonardo Aceves shared a clip of their unique wedding cake.

The top-tier featured a wedding cake topper of a bride and groom, but instead of going the traditional route, the bride is

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17 Watercolor Wedding Cake Ideas for a Pop of Color

When we think of the quintessential wedding dessert, we picture an all-white wedding cake with elegant piping and multiple tiers. Although we love the sleek and chic look of a classic cake, this simple style may not cut it for modern couples looking to shake up tradition and serve something new.  

All it takes to modernize your dessert display is a splash of color, and a watercolor gradient does it best. If you want a statement-making sweet that will elevate your entire reception, transform your white cake into a masterpiece with hand-painted brushstroke designs.

A watercolor palette provides the perfect

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Slice of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake going on sale | Entertainment

A slice of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake is being sold at auction.

The royal couple tied the knot 40 years ago and a piece of their five-tiered cake is expected to sell for £500 when a collector sells it next month with auctioneer Dominic Winter.

Chris Albury – the auctioneer’s royal memorabilia expert – said: “It’s a curious and unique keepsake.

“I still wouldn’t recommend eating it but after 40 years it’s clearly destined to last.”

The slice – which measures 8 inch by 7 inches – is decorated with a red, blue and gold royal coat

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Slice of Charles, Diana’s wedding cake to be auctioned 40 years after

A slice of the Prince and Princess of Wales’s wedding cake is up for sale 40 years after Charles and Diana tied the knot.

The anniversary of their fairy-tale royal nuptials, when the heir to the British throne married shy 20-year-old Lady Diana Spencer in the grand St Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981, falls on Thursday.

But their relationship did not last as they split 11 years later in 1992 and got divorced in 1996.

The large slice of cake icing and marzipan base from one of the 23 official wedding cakes features a sugared on lay of the

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Gwen Stefani’s Wedding Cake Served as a Sweet Tribute to Her Parents

Don’t speak—because there are no words quite right to describe Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton‘s lavish wedding cake. 

After more than five years of dating, the music stars officially tied the knot on July 3 and judging by the photos the couple gifted fans, the event was a sight to behold. From the “Hollaback Girl” singer’s stunning custom Vera Wang gown to the breathtaking setting, it seems no detail was overlooked for this couple’s big day. And, of course, that includes their spectacular cake. 

The creation was visibly a work of art: Five tiers of vanilla creme cake filled

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Blake and Gwen’s Wedding Cake Had a ‘Sentimental’ Backstory

In any wedding, no detail is more important than the cake, and when Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani tied the knot on Saturday (July 3), their exquisite ceremony was no exception.

Pictures of the ceremony show a lavish, five-tier cake complete with buttercream piped into ruffles, a custom cake topper and an extravagant bed of white flowers at its base. But this cake made for more than just a pretty picture: Boutique bakery Fancy Cakes by Lauren Kitchens, who created it, explains on social media that the cake had a specific backstory that was deeply personal to the couple.


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Dog crashes local wedding, bites the cake

In human years, Luna the black lab-Great Dane mix is about three years old. And, like many preschoolers, she’s drawn to dessert and doesn’t understand the idea of look, but don’t touch. 

This led to a bit of a problem at Jennie Perry and Jesse Keltz’s wedding Saturday at June Farms in West Sand Lake. 

As the staff was setting up for the venue’s first wedding since the pandemic dogged the industry last spring, Josh Vics  —  the farm’s manager  —  helped unwrap and arrange chairs. Vics’ 6-month-old dog, Luna, played nearby. 

The dog was frolicking and being her usual

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Kate Middleton Was Apparently Very Specific About The Cake She Wanted For Her Wedding

It’s been a decade since Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in front of the entire world, and their recent anniversary has sparked a renewed interest in all that went on behind the scenes. The woman in charge of the couple’s extravagant wedding cake, Fiona Cairns, told PEOPLE about the entire process and exactly how specific Kate was about her cake for the big day.

Cairns told the outlet Kate was very detailed about what she wanted when it came to her wedding cake. “The brief came from Kate, and she was very specific. The theme of the wedding

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