Healthy food and wellness options seven days a week at Agoria Market

PETERSBURG – Joseph “Joey” Puletti is on a mission to provide accessible healthy food and wellness options to Petersburg and surrounding areas.

Now open across the street from the historic Petersburg Courthouse, Agoria Market LLC’s focus is in the development of local food systems to increase access to healthy and local food options.

Agoria’s products are intentionally chosen to provide individuals with produce, pre-made meals, bulk dry goods, herbs, supplements, snacks, lifestyle accessories, and other essentials.

Items on sale at Agoria Market in Petersburg, Va.

‘The Page Turner’ donated to library: Petersburg Public Library exhibits new painting with historic landmarks

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Wellness for the Family: Healthy & Simple Alternatives for Junk Food Cravings

We all have a our go-to snack cravings and sometimes they’re not the healthiest. Plus, National Junk Food Day is Wednesday, July 21st and with that in mind, registered dietician with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Shanthi Appelo has some tips for healthy alternatives.

Check out the Zoom video above for details on the recipe that Shanthi recommends.

Click here to connect with Shanthi and to see more recipes through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

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Co-ops, farmers markets sustain a healthy food economy | Health And Wellness

GB FM.jpg

The Great Barrington Farmers’ Market plays host to many of the same vendors that are supported by Berkshire Food Co-op and Wild Oats.  

PITTSFIELD — Lisa McDougall calls herself a “big fan” of the Wild Oats cooperative market in Williamstown.

But she’s not your typical fan. As owner of Mighty Food Farm in Shaftsbury, Vt., McDougall has a vested interest in the symbiotic relationship between her farm, Wild Oats, and the customers who buy her certified organic fruits and vegetables, both at the co-op and the Williamstown Farmers Market.

“If they succeed, I succeed, and if I succeed,

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Buffalo School parents, students push for new ‘Wellness Program,’ more healthy food options

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — In a normal year, the Buffalo School District would serve around 29,000 meals a day through the Child Nutrition Program, which is mostly federally funded. Since the pandemic started, the Food Services Director, Bridget O’Brien Wood, said they have only been preparing between 10,000 to 12,000 meals a day.

“We get reimbursed for every meal we serve,” Wood said. “Because our meals have dropped significantly, we lost a lot of revenue because we don’t have the capacity to serve 29,000 kids if they are not in school.”

The school district participates in the National School Lunch

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Expansion of food benefits to youngest Minnesotans supports overall health, wellness

More than most people, Tikki Brown, Minnesota Department of Human Services assistant commissioner for children and family services, understands the importance of expanding food aid to the state’s youngest residents.

“My family experienced some poverty when I was younger,” she said. “We were on food stamps, what it was called back then, and needed to go to the food shelf. I learned at a very early age the importance of helping programs and how they were designed to help people.”

Brown’s personal history has made her a serious booster for food-aid programs for low-income families like Minnesota’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance

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BellaNaijaYou Shoud Try this Wellness Drink Recipe from KikifoodiesIn this episode of Kikifoodies' food vlog, she's sharing her recipe for this must-try wellness drink. She says to keep it "refrigerated for 4 days.1 day ago

BellaNaijaYou Shoud Try this Wellness Drink Recipe from KikifoodiesIn this episode of Kikifoodies’ food vlog, she’s sharing her recipe for
this must-try wellness drink. She says to keep it “refrigerated for 4 days.1 day ago… Read More

Health & Wellness: The secrets of making healthy food not taste ‘healthy’ | Health and Fitness

Who doesn’t love adding a little salt to their dinner? But if you’re like many Americans, your doctor may have advised you to reduce your salt intake. Cue the disappointment when you bite into your chicken leg, and it tastes like nothing.

It turns out it takes 24 weeks to readjust how much salt you prefer to add to your food. That’s a long time! And in the meantime, your food may just have that super healthy taste that’s simply hard to stomach.

But eating well is important, so I’ve compiled four tips for making healthy food taste amazing as

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